Virtual tabletop, Tabletopia, launched in to full commercial release this week. The service exited beta and early access stages with support for more than 300 board games—from the traditional, like Chess and Gin Rummy, to the hot new releases, like Scythe and Santorini.

Tabletopia’s environment focuses on replicating the face-to-face experience. There is no enforcement of game rules, rather what you get is a pretty good imitation of a tabletop setup.

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Virtual Reality Dungeons & Dragons

A group of adventurers gather in an imagined tavern…

In this case, however, the adventurers are players rather than characters, and the tavern is a virtual environment developed by AltspaceVR for the purpose of playing Dungeons & Dragons.

The environment is more than just a virtual tabletop, though one of those is included. It’s a three-dimension computer-based game room modeled on the stereotypical fantasy tavern. In it, players meet remotely and can roll dice, consult rule books, and manipulate terrain tiles and miniatures on a tactical battle map.

Essentially, it does the same thing as existing virtual tabletop applications but with the added benefit of providing players the suggestion that they’re really sitting together playing face-to-face.

AltspaceVR Dungeons & Dragons

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VTT for D&D

With a license from Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Grounds has added official Dungeons & Dragons content to its online virtual tabletop. This includes all the material necessary to generate characters in the 12 core classes, spawn every monster from the Monster Manual, and run the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure that was included in the D&D Starter Set.

In addition to the basic Fantasy Grounds registration fee ($39 for a single GM or player, or $149 for a GM and all the GM’s players) the D&D Complete Core Class Pack and the D&D Complete Core Monster Pack each cost $50, and the adventure another $20.

Once registered, players can run the virtual tabletop through the Fantasy Grounds website or Steam.

Fantasy Grounds D&D 5 Content

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Paid Professional Game Master Wanted

roll20Roll20 is hiring and what the company is looking for is a professional GM to run roleplaying games online. The position requires significant experience game-mastering, as well as a level of familiarity with the Roll20 virtual tabletop application. The person hired will be expected to run games at least 15 hours per week, with a compensation scheme to be negotiated.

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