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IelloIello got my attention last year in a big way with King of Tokyo by Richard Garfield. For 2013, Iello was showing another Garfield game, Ghooost!. Basically it’s a Crazy 8 variant with cute-horror style artwork.

The company’s Whizz Bing Bang game only asks players to play a card—any card—on their turn. Not messing that up, though, is going to be a serious challenge. Whizz cards keep play going, Bing cards switch the direction of play, and Bang cards skip players. On top of that, the card types do not use consistent colors! A person who plays out-of-turn takes a token from each other player. The first player to get rid of all their tokens wins.

Titanium Wars is more of a strategy game. Each player starts with a unique leader. Play involves collecting planets, adding improvements and buildings, and earning income. Planets also grant titanium, of which 20 something are needed to win. With 297 cards in the box (plus room for expansions), Iello plans to release Titanium Wars at Origins for a price of $40 $50.

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