Runequest ClassicNostalgia continues to reign on Kickstarter. This time, it’s a reprint of old-school Runequest that’s ruling gamers’ hearts. The project has reward levels for PDF, hardcover, and leatherette versions of the book, which other than incorporating errata will be a straight-up copy of the classic second edition from 1979. Several stretch goals in the form of PDF supplements have also been added.

New school, Fate-based Mindjammer seeks to fund a series of sourcebooks, an equipment book, adventures, fiction, and more. Interestingly, a stretch goal already reached promises a Traveller version of the transhumanist RPG. How those will work together, I don’t know but I look forward to finding out.

Like Dominion did with the deck-building element of CCGs, Roll Player takes the character creation process of RPGs and turns it in to a complete game. The idea is to roll and draft dice to fill out the basic attributes, purchase equipment, and develop skills. Backstory and alignment are also factors. The winner is the player with best character as determined by reputation.

Roll Player Components

In Wongamania the players are business elites attempting to expatriate money while their native Banana Republic is under attack by literal financial monsters. It’s a game that Capital Gains Studios out of Singapore hopes will teach players the principles of economics and wealth management. It’s not supposed to promote draining a national economy for personal gain.

65 counter’65 is a tactical, squad-level, card-driven, hex-and-counter war game about the Vietnam War. The game comes with geomorphic map boards and a variety of historically-based scenarios. Many units in the game also have special capabilities, which can be activated when a card is drawn with the word “power” on it.


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