A while back ago I had a chance to try our Word Wars I.II.III, a game sold through The Game Crafter by INversionGAMES LLC. The game is a fairly simple word game played with cards, but with a unique twist. Each card can be played as one of two different letters.

Each turn every player gets 10 cards to make 3 words with. Every card must be used. Once everyone has made their words they sort their words by score, lowest to highest (each letter has its own value.) Then players compare their lowest scoring words against each others’, their mid-scoring words with each others’, and highest scoring word with each others’. Chips are awarded to the winning word in each category. 1 chip for the lowest word, 2 chips for the mid-range word, and 3 chips for the highest word. A new round begins and new cards are dealt.

The game itself is very quick, straight forward, and fun. My only complaint is that the main mechanic of the game, the fact that each card can be used as one or two letters, is a bit clunky due to the design of the cards. I often found myself looking at the cheat sheet included with the deck to make sure I was using certain cards as the right letter. Most cards are pretty easy to figure out, but there’s a fair amount that just don’t seem very logical.

As far as quality goes, the game is above-par for something coming from The Game Crafter, but not as high as a game produced using standard methods. After 3 plays my box is already falling apart, though the cards are still in great shape.

Is the game worth the price? Possibly. Word game fans may want to pick this up, but others may want to wait and see if a redesign of the cards is in the works.

Word Wars I.II.III was provided free for review purposes by INversionGAMES, LLC.