Dueling Mahjong Championships

Mahjong tilesThe end of this year will see two major international Mahjong tournaments.

On November 11-15 in Jeju Island, South Korea will take place the Fourth World Mahjong Championship under the auspices of the World Mahjong Organization. Qualifying tournaments are being planned for China, though the specifics have not yet been announced. Member national organizations will also be able to register competitors directly.

Then December 4-6 in Hong Kong somewhere, World Mahjong Limited will hold the World Series of Mahjong with a prize package for the top 32 players of US$575,000. This one also plans qualifying events in multiple countries, as well as an online qualifying series.

CORRECTION: World Mahjong Limited informs me that they have not yet set a venue for the World Series of Mahjong.

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China’s One Mahjong Plan

Mahjong tilesThe government of China has initiated efforts to unify Mahjong players around the world under a standardized set of rules. While Mahjong originated in China in the mid-19th century, it was officially banned in that country for many years (1949-1985) and has spread to large numbers of players in many countries. Among those people, Mahjong is played in numerous variations.

China’s current efforts are focused on forming a Mahjong International League, necessary for holding tournaments under the auspices of the International Mind Sports Association, and on promoting the Mahjong Competition Rules of the World Mahjong Organization as a worldwide standard.

[via Want China Times]

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