Gen Con 2016 logoStone Blade Entertainment’s latest release for the Ascension deck-building game is War of Shadows ($40, now). This set contain light and dark cards with day and night triggers. Day is when there are more light than dark cards in the center row. Night is when there are more dark than light.

Of a lighter theme, Stone Blade has coming up You Gotta Be Kitten Me! ($10, September). It’s a cute card game for 2-10 players with kittens and puppies wearing hats, ties, and glasses, and it plays a bit like Liar’s Dice. Around the table, players bid up a number of hats, ties, glasses, or certain color total in everyone’s hands. When challenged, if the actual count is equal to or greater than the number bid, the challenger loses and is dealt one fewer cards the next round. If the actual count is less than the number bid, the bidder loses a card. Play continues until only one player has cards left.

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