I often read about the robberies and murders, so it’s nice to see a different kind of story once in a while. A guy in Alabama named Eddie Revells is suffering from cancer due to asbestos poisoning and lives only for his weekly game of Texas Hold ‘Em.

But at one of the card games Revells participated in recently was a man who gave Revells some hope. On Saturday, the man, Jerry Cornog, and a group called Thrivent Financial for Lutherans donated time and $400 in materials to build a ramp at Revells’ residence. The ramp is wheelchair accessible, though for now Revells said he would just need it to hold onto in order to get in and out of his house.
“Never woulda thought somebody I met from cards could help me like this. It’s just a wonderful thing,” Revells said as he watched the men and women work from his front porch