hasbro_logo.jpgHasbro is running a vote procedure for its upcoming World Monopoly edition. Until Wednesday, all the cities vying for place on the board were listed as City, Country. Suddenly on Wednesday, one city was only listed by its city name alone: Jerusalem.

Apparently, some mid-level employee fielding complaints as to the status of Jerusalem decided to eliminate the reference to Israel, without consulting his managers. I first noticed this and posted about it on my blog. Others followed soon thereafter.

I called Monopoly’s PR for an explanation and was given the runaround while they figure out a response. Sometime later that day, the response was that they planned on removing all the country names, and Jerusalem was just the first. And by Thursday, all the country names from all the other cities were indeed removed.  This was obviously following complaints as to the lone status of Jerusalem as a countryless city in the list.

Hasbro is begging everyone not to make this into a political issue, now. And that’s basically it.