winningmoves_logo.jpgAt the New York Toy Fair, Winning Moves will be demoing some of the following interesting games, among others:

Scrabble Me

In this new edition of the classic game, players build words on
their boards simultaneously! After each round, players have the option to
choose a replacement letter from the bag or select one of the face-up tiles
on the prize tile podium. Another new feature is the wild tile. Each time a
wild tile is played, the player who utilizes the tile must swap boards with
an opponent, thwarting his strategy.

Have You Herd?

In this lively European dice game (first enjoyed in Poland in the early
1940’s) players battle to get each of the five animals on the farm: rabbit,
sheep, pig, cow, and horse. Players build and trade their way to a complete
“herd” of animals, and try to avoid rolling the hungry wolf or sly fox that
will make a meal out of the herd.

As well as deluxe versions of Monopoly and Parcheesi, a reprint of Careers, and other games.

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