footballresurrection_logo.jpgFootball Resurrection is a new CCG by Scott Shea combining sports and apocalyptic sci-fi. The game play is pretty straightforward:

Cards represent football players with attack and defense values and special abilities. Play one card each round into either an offensive or defensive squad. You can make one attack per round using an offensive squad into which you just played a card. Your opponent can block with any one defensive squad, and can also toss two more cards from his hand. If offensive has a higher value, a goal is scored; otherwise it is blocked. Either way, all offensive and defensive squads involved in the attack are discarded.

The game continues once until both players are out of cards (halftime) and then another game is played. All cards have special abilities which adds flavor and tactics. Total game time looks to be about 20 minutes per game.

The game was launched on Mar 15.