gygax_flowchart.jpgThere must have been thousands of articles written in praise of Gary Gygax on his passing and on the legacy of D&D.

1UP wrote a nice article called Five Things We’ve Learned from D&D, which are:

  1. Everything can be reduced to numbers
  2. You’re not alone
  3. Players want to own their character
  4. Emergent gameplay is good gameplay
  5. Good stories compel, bad stories suck

Right on.

But the best is Geek Love from Adam Rogers, a senior Wired editor writing in the New York Times. He writes on the pervasiveness of D&D culture in today’s era of online social media (catch the quote from The Breakfast Club which made me snort aloud).

Alongside the article he provides an hysterical Geek culture flowchart tracing all things nerdly.