thelostring.jpg The Lost Ring is Jane McGonigal’s latest alternate reality game. It’s a massive undertaking with blogs, videos, puzzles, clues, and eventually physical presence. It was created “for the summer 2008 Olympics”, whatever that means.

Jane’s mission statement for the game includes:

  • ” a game that changes people’s lives and brings the world together”
  • “an epic story that the whole world discovers and brings to life… a months-long adventure players will remember for the rest of their lives”
  • “the chance to be a part of something huge… a truly epic scale… to get to know people in 100 countries and make lifelong friends with them….”
  • “be a global force for fun, turnplayers into real-world superheroes… “
  • “fill the real world with magic… the whole world, every corner of it…”

Read more about the game and start playing here.