warsaw-uprising.jpgFrom the world of electronic games today, there is news of controversy over the Nintendo DS game Imagination is the Only Escape. Apparently, the game is set during World War II and places players in the role of a French Jewish child who uses his imagination to escape the horrors of the Holocaust surrounding him. The New York Times suggests that Nintendo will refuse to distribute the game in the United States because of it’s difficult theme. Wired argues that the game may have educational benefits, while 1UP proposes that The New York Times is overreacting. Gameplanet focuses on conflict between the developer and publisher.

Contrast this to the critical success of indie RPG Grey Ranks wherein players assume the role of teen fighters in the Warsaw Uprising. Respected podcaster Paul Tevis selected Grey Ranks as his top new roleplaying game of 2007. On RPG.net, one review recommends the game for its “deep character focus” and another says, “If you want to experience some deep, heartbreaking stories with your friends, then look no further than Grey Ranks.” The podcast The Voice of the Revolution also reviews the game in episode 12. Grey Ranks is available for purchase at Indie Press Revolution in print or PDF format.