Several states have been in the news lately for cracking down on low stakes poker games held in private houses and social clubs. Laws in some states are so vague as to make any card games or board games like Monopoly potentially illegal (in some extreme cases, even when not played for money). As a result, lawmakers in these states have been looking into amending the laws to see whether they can make exemptions for low-money games, private house games, or games intended to raise money for charities or organizations.

At the same time, poker is rising in popularity. Poker is a game of chance, but a connected series of poker games also favors skillful play. The question is: how to indulge in a public game of cards without incurring the wrath of local law enforcement?

The Pasco Poker Players organize poker nights where players play for points and bragging rights, not for money. “Players participate in quarters lasting about three or four months each, with a points board that corresponds with about 50 or 60 players. However, only players who make the final table are awarded points. The person to win out gets 1,000 points, while second place wins 900 and so forth.”

If you’re down in Florida, check them out. Or start your own points-only poker league.