The Hip Hop Chess Federation is “dedicated to providing an inclusive setting for individuals to interact, play and develop life strategy skills with people they perceive as mentors.”

To this end, they link Hip Hop music, martial arts, and chess play as a trinity of activities intended to take up the slack from failing school systems. Rap artists lend their cred to the activities.

You can see some rap lyrics created to support the federation in this New York Times article, e.g.:

Poppa raised me to chess moves

And though you’re gone I’m not bitter you left me prepared

We got divided by the years, but I got it from here

Don’t sweat that, sounds bump from Marcy to Lefrak

To that pocket in DC where my man caught his death at

Over my years I’ve seen Rooks get tooken by the Knight

Lose they Crown by tryna defend a Queen

Checkmate, in 4 moves the Bobby Fischer of rap