Play65, an online Backgammon site, is sponsoring an art exhibition of backgammon sets together with the Israeli embassy. The exhibit is in honor of Israel’s 60th birthday and in the hope for peace and reconciliation of Israel with her neighbors. You can catch the exhibit at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library on Washington, D.C. from May 12th until May 18th, 2008, or on the site.

The reconciliation exhibition presents 60 creations where backgammon boards have been turned into artistic objects dealing with the meaning of reconciliation as a starting point for the process of understanding and patience towards fellow man.

The exhibition of artistic backgammon boards presents a fascinating cross-section of present-day Israeli artists and is constructed as a “suitcase exhibition” designed especially for mobility. Each box contains additional photographs and material about the artists and their creation and in fact, the backgammon box acts as a “pocket exhibition” for each artist. May the prayers of the artists for peace come true and this sign of reconciliation will prophesize peace and tranquility among all nations worldwide.