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The Game that allows you to sense the hypocrisy of the New York Politician or the embrace what it means to stare treachery and adversity head on as a Rescue Worker. With the roll of each dice sense the tenacity of the first responder even while being used as a political pawn.

Ground Zero – The Board Game Developed by two former members of the elite Manhattan South Task Force of the NYPD, together they have channeled their frustration over the incompetence of our elected officials into a self deprecating eye opening view that the rest of the nation, especially during this presidential race must comprehend in order to make an informed choice. It is with the utmost respect to those personally effected by the tragedies of September 11, 2001 that this ‘game’ was developed. After you play this ‘game’ decide if you want any of these characters playing with our nations future.

Ground Zero