GMT Games is set to ship SPQR Deluxe, a war game set in the period of the Roman Republic. SPQR Deluxe is a reprint of SPQR (without the “Deluxe” moniker) that contains all of SPQR’s original scenarios plus the out-of-print expansion scenarios. At the same time, GMT will be shipping Barbarian, a new SPQR module, as well as the original SPQR (that is, actually, with corrections but without the expansion scenarios) and an SPQR Deluxe Scenario Pack (which contains only the collection of expansion scenarios). If you’re interested but confused, just go-ahead and order SPQR Deluxe. The latter choices are probably only a good fit for people who already know what’s going on. Which, I guess, is why GMT is only offering them to those who have preordered.

Got it? Good.