Mystic Merlins, the inventor of the board game Crop Circles, has a new games out called The Corn Queen: Mystery Adventures Board Game Featuring Stonehenge. But don’t worry, the game still features all the same healing powers and cool mystical symbols that Crop Circles does.

There are no rules listed for The Corn Queen. BGG’s entry on Crop Circles reads as follows:

Players begin by building Stonehenge using nicely-produced blocks, but this is just the start of the strategy. The first player, as a druid or as an alien, to place their altar in the center of the stones (and not having it removed by a competing Merlin card) can collect the Sun Circle and the Heal Circle. Bring these Circles to the Eastern Ley Line, declare the Summer Solstice, and win the game!

It includes Planet counters, start counter, UFOs, crop circle cards, Andromeda counters, Yule Circle counters, Zenith Circle counters, Lunar Eclipse Circles, Star Circle counters, Circle and Night dice, and much more.

Each Crop Circles game also comes with a treasure hunt entry form, so you can join in an ARG looking for treasure somewhere in England.

From the heavily trippy website, which calls the game “THE GAME WITH HEALING ENERGIES”, it seems that Mystic Merlins is a true believer.