The inanely unimportant Don’t Drop the Soap game caused a brouhaha simply by having been created by the son of Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius. I wrote about the game at the end of last year on my blog, but the mainstream news didn’t pick up the story until a few months later, at which time I simply ignored the story.

It’s a mildly offensive game for treating lightly the very real and horrible issue of prison rape, but no more offensive than dozens of other deliberately un-PC games released every year. It should hardly have received any press attention at all; after a month of coverage, the issue finally dropped from the mainstream press.

Until now.

It seems that Kathleen Sebelius is seen as a strong contender to be named VP in the Obama campaign, only there’s a skeleton in her closet: yes, the utterly stupid and unimportant fact that her son created a tasteless board game last year. Additional problems arise from the fact that the game was illegally marketed from, and stored at, the governor’s mansion.

I expect this issue to go largely ignored by everyone until and unless Kathleen Sebelius makes it to the short list for VP candidates. At which point the major media outlets will resurface the story, and I will ignore it.