Wizards of the Coast and WizKids have settled their difference over a patent regarding “constructable strategy games”.

The settlement terms were not revealed, but in essence, WizKids can continue to sell its Pirates of the Cursed Seas Pocketmodel line of games, with license from Wizards. Wizards originally filed the patent to protect its Z-Cards line of products.

The patent:

A game, toy or article of manufacture includes a set of rules and at least one model. The model has multiple movable parts, where under the rules of play, the model begins in an assembled configuration. As the model loses points under the rules of play, at least some of the parts are removed from the model, or replaced with substitute parts. The model may be formed from a panel or other substantially planar member, with the individual pieces formed therein. Methods of game play, computer-implemented games, and other aspects of the invention are described herein. Many other options are possible, as described above.