When last we heard, the lawsuits against Scrabluous by the makers of Scrabble and the eletronic editions of Scrabble hadn’t gone anywhere special. Mattel brought its own version of Scrabble to Facebook, but it’s arrival was greeted without much enthusiam, as a) it was only available to non-US or Canada residents, and b) it wasn’t much good (Scrabble fans: 1,544; Scrabulous fans: 14,655).

Now Hasbro’s team up with Electronic Arts and has produced its own version of Scrabble. It’s on Pogo, and will soon be on Facebook – for US and Canada residents only. One wonders if this is going to be a wholly separate game from Mattel’s version, and if so, what the hell is wrong with these people.

Location restrictions aside, let’s wait and see how good it is.