For some, the essence of Traveller is a generic science fiction RPG. For others, though, what always made Traveller great was the Third Imperium setting. Now both groups have the opportunity to find what they’re looking for in the latest version of Traveller. Mongoose Publishing is shipping the first supplement for the game, revisiting the original classic campaign setting in The Spinward Marches. The 142 page softcover book details a section of Imperial space at the limit of central government control and influence, thus providing players with ample opportunity to earn their fortunes in wealth and power.

I think it’s great that so many of the old classic RPGs are showing signs of new vigor. Traveller, in fact, is not only seeing new core rules and new supplements, but Mongoose is also opening up the game to outside developers both commercial and private. Released under the Open Game License, the Traveller Developer’s Pack [ZIP] contains PSD logos, an Acceptance Form, the Logo Licence, and the Traveller SRD.