The Cosham police sector in Portsmouth, UK introduced a free game that features it’s actual police officers on trading cards, including their names, pictures, badge numbers, and four ability powers: pedal power, problem solving, agility and strength. The game is called Cop Swap. The idea is to introduce the police force to local youth and get them so excited that they’ll trade the cards with their friends in order to collect a complete set.

Fratton sector is now following up on this idea, and gives us complete information about their game.

  • Platinum cards are senior officers
  • Gold cards are inspectors
  • Red cards are Baffins
  • Blue cards are Copnor and North End
  • Green cards are Hilsea
  • Purple cards are Kingston
  • Orange cards are Nelson

Officers carry cards with them, so if you see one chasing a burglar or making a drug bust, just walk up to him or her and ask to swap Cop Cards!