Muskegon Heights, MI: An argument causes a man to leave a dice game, return with a gun, and shoot an inoccent bystander. (source)

Soundview, NY: One killed, another wounded at a dice game argument. (source)

Vail, CO: Woman found unconscious without shoes and pants in a condo office after having drunk too much at an evening of board games. (source)

Cincinnati, Ohio: Local dice game becomes gang hangout; man shot and killed nearby. (source)

Chicago, IL: An argument at a dice game carries over to a nearby street corner. One hits the other in the face with a gun, which accidentally goes off and shoots a third party in the face, killing him. (source)

Delta, CO: Two women playing cards are injured when a tire smashes through a glass door and hits them. The tire was apparently rolled by some kids who fled the scene. (source)

Ayia Napa, Cyprus: Man shot and killed at backgammon game. (source)

Following up on a previous story, the mother of a girl Czech Chess prodigy, who committed suicide (or was murdered) after (allegedly) being molested repeatedly by her father, has been accused of hiring a hit man to kill the father. (source)

And by the way, another boy died playing video games at an Internet cafe in Thailand. (source)