In an update to our earlier post on the topic, a brand new teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming Blood Bowl video game:

If that doesn’t have you wanting to pull out your Orcland Raiders, I don’t know what will.  Can’t wait until Christmas to throw down with some Blood Bowl action?  Check out these resources to get your fix:

  • Nothing compares with the original game and now that the rules are available as a free download, there’s really no excuse to miss this one.
  • Microleague published a DOS-based video game based on Blood Bowl in 1995 (unfortunately, this one is pretty much lost to the ages)
  • The best place to play right now (if you absolutely can’t play on the tabletop!) is the FUMBBL online league which uses the JavaBBowl client/server to host games (you can use the JavaBBowl system separately from FUMBBL, but eventually you’ll want a real opponent!)