BattleLore has been a hot game for Days of Wonder, but today the company announced that it is transferring all rights for the BattleLore system to Fantasy Flight Games. Terms for the deal were not revealed, however, Days of Wonder has acknowledged that production costs and the commitment of resources necessary to satisfy demand for future expansion were both factors in the company’s decision. Meanwhile, Fantasy Flight CEO Christian T. Peterson has stated that “Battlelore is as perfect a fit for FFG as could possibly exist in the marketplace.”

BattleLore’s designer Richard Borg will continue to work on the game and expansion, now with Fantasy Flight. Days of Wonder has already removed the game from their online store but for now continues to support it with forums and the Adventure editor. The company will also be trasferring all their existing stock of BattleLore products to Fantasy Flight at the end of August. Those who already ordered the For Troll and Country directly from Days of Wonder will be sent the battle map for free. Those of us who didn’t do that yet will have to wait until they are available from Fantasy Flight. Days of Wonder’s other Commands and Colors based game, Memoir ’44, will remain with the company.