Another good thing about a game convention is the accessories, gear, and related stuff you can find. This year’s Gen Con is no exception. Of course, there’s always the dice, an important and beloved tool for many gamers. Present are Chessex, Crystal Caste, and Gamescience. Today, I also got a closeup look at marker bases for miniatures available from Alea Tools. These are round, plastic-covered magnetic discs, which can be temporarily attached to the underside of a miniature to note the represented character or monster’s condition (such as stunned, held, marked, etc.,). These should really be a boon to RPGers that use miniatures.

Another interesting find at the convention today was Game Night, a novel by Jonny Nexus. This book tells the story of six gods who get together for an evening of roleplaying games, but do a bad job of it. The first chapter of the book is available for free online so you can check it out before purchase.

Now, the ultimate game accessory available at the show has to be the Sultan Gaming Table. This is a beautiful piece of furniture designed specifically for games (roleplaying, board, and miniatures, included). The workmanship is fantastic and the table is made of high quality hard rock sugar maple and black walnut. It’s about 8 feet long and costs approximately $9,700 delivered to anywhere in the United States. At the Geek Chic booth many stood around wistful stares.