Sodbusters is a game simulating the frustration and perserverance of farming in the late 1800s.

From the BGG description:

The object of the game is to build the most profitable farming operation. Each player starts with a cash loan and one of 57 available sections of land, and may buy more land on any turn. On each section of land, players may plant one of four crops or raise one of four kinds of livestock.

Each turn represents one of the four seasons. The game consists of 20 turns (five “years” or full crop cycles). Each turn or season is divided into 3 phases which are played simultaneously by all players. In the “Purchase” phase players may buy land and animals and (if in season) plant crops. The “Event” phase consists of drawing cards which introduce events or conditions which may or may not affect players. For example, when a Tornado or Oil Strike event is drawn, a die roll mechanism is used to select specific land sections which are affected. In the “Harvest” phase, players sell any mature crops or livestock at the market price listed on a master Harvest card drawn for that turn.

Players may pay off their initial loan at any time. The amount due (representing combined principal and interest) grows substantially each “year”. After the final turn, the player with the most cash left after paying off the loan is the winner. Land and other permanent farming assets may not be sold to raise cash. This simulates the practice of the first generation retiring and handing the farming operation intact to the next generation.

There appears to be a lot of luck in the game.