The Mail Tribune, a local paper of South Oregon, posted an interview with local denizen Merry Vediner, owner of Funagain Games.

It’s got history of the company, a bit about their business ($1-$1.5 million in annual sales), and how she became interested in the games business:

What inspired you to go into this line of work? We were invited to a game night and we were only familiar with Monopoly. The original owner, Rick Soued, kept inviting my husband, Mike, and I, and he finally said he would open a great bottle of wine if we came, so we did. The first game we played was a German game called Carcassonne. We played, it took 10 minutes to learn and 40 minutes to play. It was a whole new game mechanism. We assumed all games meant rolling dice, passing Go and took three hours. We didn’t know there could be a game unfold in front of you as you played; everything was new and different and encouraged conversation.