Games Day LA this weekend was a fairly light affair – unless you went to the Black Library presentation. During the session, someone asked about 40K in other media and got a surprise answer: it might be possible that an Ultramarine-based CGI movie could be released – next year! The presenter was quick to stress that it wasn’t a done deal and that its possible that such an effort would never see the light of day. We’ll have more details as they become available, but if you really want to see this thing happen, it probably wouldn’t hurt mentioning it to your local GW rep (hat tip to the fine folks at WarSeer).

For those who seem to remember something about 40K movies in the past, we’ve included a list of previous attempts to get you even more excited!

  • Damnatus – got to the trailer phase and looked pretty good
  • Bloodquest – another one that got to the trailer phase; many felt this one had the potential to go all the way
  • Inquisitor – this was actually sanctioned by Game Workshop back in the late 90’s (all four parts are available on YouTube)