There’s been a leak of footage purported to be from a new Warhammer 40K first person shooter titled “Space Marine.”  Joystiq has been in contact with THQ (who currently owns the video game license to the classic miniatures game), but thus far, there’s no response on the video.

The game looks similar to last year’s hit, Gears of War, which can only mean good things for those of us who have eagerly waited for the opportunity to burn the heretic, kill the mutant and purge the unclean.  But this wouldn’t be the first 40K-based first person shooter; no, that distinction goes to Fire Warrior.  Fire Warrior was based on the fire warriors of the Tau Empire and was available for both the PS2 and PC.  Unfortunately, the title, also published by THQ, was met with poor reviews that declared the game to be too similat to other titles.  Hopefully, this next outing will be the high-octane treatment that the 40K universe deserves.