Hidden City Games has announced two new promotion kits for their popular Bella Sara card game, designed to bring families closer together.  The first kit has a poster and 30 promotional cards while the second kit (in December) will include a new “family night” poster and 2 exclusive foil cards.  Both kits are part of the “family reunion” storyline/promotion that will launch as part of the new Baby Bella set.  “Family reunion” encourages families to join together to play Bella Sara themed games and “share positive messages” in order to get cards that complete the storyline and reunite the family.  From the Bella Sara website:

Dusk and Dawn, the two beautiful foals of Aurora and Rimfaxe, always find their way home by following the direction of the sun.  One unusual day in North of North an eclipse of the sun caused Dusk and Dawn to be confused because it was neither night nor day.  Concerned, the parents sent out the children’s teacher, Wildflower, to find them.  Aurora and Rimfaxe are awaiting the return of their foals and news from Wildflower.

Bring a happy ending to this sad tale!

The promotion begins on October 7th!