A few items on the horizon for DaVinci Games, available at Essen 2008:


The first edition of Borneo came out in Essen 2007 as a card game, but it’s now a full boxed board game.

It’s the dawn of the XVII Century, and merchant companies set sail for the East Indies, driven by their thirst for wealth. The spice trade is thriving, and competition is getting tougher each day! To earn glory, you must complete your voyages, but to earn profits, you must compete for the best positions in the merchant companies.


Borneo was the “Best Unpublished” game of Lucca winner in 2006, and this one won in 2007. You sail out to find resources and try to make it home in time to sell them. By a Taiwanese designer, Din Li.


A board game version of Werewolf, with secret goals and other interesting mechanics. For 3-8 players. Winter 2008.

Start Player

The Italian edition of this simple “Who goes first?” game.