Have you heard about Wraith Recon yet? This new gem from Mongoose Publishing has the potential to be my new favorite 4E D&D setting:

The Kingdom of Dardarrick is beset on all fronts. To the east, open warfare with the Republic of Lorn has claimed tens of thousands of lives over the past decade and trenches now run parallel to the border, uprooting towns and villages in their wake. To the south, Lorn’s ally, the Kingdom of Torres constantly threatens overt military action, and has been implicated in many raids on nearby towns as the nation reaches a fever pitch of religious hatred. The wildlands to the west and north are home to goblinoids, ogres and giants, who must be constantly beaten back as they encroach on Dardarrick territory. And even within Dardarrick itself, evil lurks as the followers of the deposed theocrat Tomarsson plot their fanatical return to power.

Players take the role of the legendary Wraith Recon units, dedicated special forces trained and equipped to operate far from the rest of the army. Entrusted with the most dire missions, the Wraiths are capable of overcoming almost any obstacle. Armed with the latest in Dardarrick magicks, and kept informed by the mysterious Spellcom system, Wraith Recon units are tasked with assassinations, raids, reconnaissance, and hostage rescue missions, in the name of truth, liberty and justice.

If that doesn’t just have you giddy with excitement, then you clearly don’t have a pulse.  Seriously, everytime I think about this setting, I get a strong Shadowrun vibe – and that can’t be bad (that’s Shadowrun minus all the alpha and beta equipment crap…).  Wraith Recon is out in October and retails for £20.00 at 144 pages.  Even better, there are two supplements in the works releasing in November and December.