Absolutely hilarious!!

Yeah, I definitely got lucky with the products I was given at Gen Con. Earlier, I told you about one of our new family favorite board games. Now for the roleplayers out there, you really should read this book. It’s everything you love about roleplaying. And everything that drives you crazy. Game Night is described on the cover as, “Six gods sit down to spend an evening roleplaying. Really badly.” So it’s not one of those fantasy or sci-fi novels that after you read it, you say to yourself, “I’ve got to make a game out of this.” Instead, author Jonny Nexus (real name a deep dark mystery) spins an extremely funny but not so outrageous tale of a dysfunctional roleplaying group. In it, you’ll find the player who just wants to fight and the player who stares off into space. You’ll also find NPCs with too many consonants in their names, and heated arguments over railroading and what happens in a society when it’s easy to purchase resurrections. Game Night is a story about us, the gamers, and all the crazy things we do roleplaying. And highlighting that, its going to make you laugh.

Game Night is available from Amazon or from Indie Press Revolution. You can download the first chapter for free from the publisher’s website.