Goodman Games has released a new book of generic campaign setting, Points of Light.  Points of Light features four unique campaign settings for use in any fantasy-based RPG system:

  • Wildland is a post-apocalyptic setting where demi-humans and barbarians roam the land while the surviving humans cower behind their crumbling city walls.  My thoughts: this is one of the best reimaginings of a classific science fiction story that I’ve heard – this one has me really jazzed.
  • Southland sees the kingdoms of the elves, humans and dwarves fighting against the evil elves and orcs.  My thoughts: looks like a high-fantasy style setting, but doesn’t really do it for me.
  • Borderland features a larger kingdom locked in a protracted civil war between two vying factions.  My thoughts: this one could be interesting – I can see where there could be some great role-playing moments in a setting like this.
  • The Swamps of Acheron is a darker setting, where evil gods have taken control of the realm and the taint of corruption threatens even the players themselves.  My thoughts: a great idea that had me thinking of a cross between Glen Cook‘s Black Company novels and something out of Lovecraft (not sure if that’s their direction, but I love the inspiration!).

You can pick up 4 player maps and a PDF preview at the Goodman Games website.  The book clocks in at 48 pages and retails for only $12.99! In my opinion, this may be one of the best deals in gaming.