So you bought Tannhäuser and maybe you even picked up a few of the expansions.  You love the miniatures and the unique mechanism for determining line of sight really got your interest.  You’ve played through all of the available characters, developed impressive unit-level tactics and have experimented with the different equipment options as much as humanly possible.  But are you really getting as much out of this great pseudo-miniature game as you could?  I bet not.  Here are a few of our tips for getting even more value out of your Tannhäuser investment:

  • New Scenarios: FFG has been publishing new scenarios for the game on a regular basis.  There are currently three standalone scenarios and a series of five scenarios that are meant to be played as part of a unified campaign.  In addition, there are many fan-published scenarios available at Board Game Geek.  Or you could check out Scottie’s Scenarios.  Or if you’re up on your French, check out the website of Take on You!
  • New Maps: FFG has published a new map that has some really unique features (including a hill that provides extra visibility, but is harder to shoot at!), but its a bit hard to find.  Did I mention that you can get even more maps at the ‘Geek?
  • Ready to go all out?  Check out the Savage Tales blog to really challenge your willingness to expand the base game. Pete Miller puts out new Tannhäuser material on nearly every Tuesday and occasionally throws out bonus material on off days!  Maps, tokens, characters – you name it, Pete’s got it.  My personal favorite is his Hellboy mod, which is definitely worth checking out.