No Stress Chess from Winning Moves is a chess game that comes with a deck of cards that help you learn how to play Chess.

The rules include several levels of mastery, which mirror what I see as levels of game worth in the world of board games.

In the first level, you flip a card, and that’s the piece you can move. The first to take off his opponent’s king wins. This level is simply to learn how the pieces move.

The next level includes holding a hand full of cards, which is seems like a chess version of the game Battle Cry. It’s not exactly Battle Cry in that in BC a piece on the left flank really can’t hit the right flank, while in chess many of the pieces can cross the entire terrain in one go. Here you’re learning strategy, but limited to the piece combinations you can actually achieve.

One or two additional levels remain until you get up to full chess mastery. I have no idea if this teaches good chess, but comments indicate that younger kids enjoy playing and progressing through the levels, and so end up playing regular chess, eventually.