The “light comedy anime-themed RPG,” Maid, is now available for order in the US.  Maid is a new RPG from Japan where characters play maids who either are or live around traditional anime stereotypes and storylines.  There’s not a lot of detail around the mechanics, which seem to have more in common with indie-style storytelling RPGs than with a traditional RPG, but character sheets are available for download.  Here’s a bit from the teaser text on the site:

You are a maid, having worked dutifully for the Saionji family for several years. You are also a shy albino princess who does odd jobs for the yakuza, and train with the three-section staff. Your peer Maya is an outgoing young maid with freckles, a streak of being greedy for sweets, and who also happens to be a military cyborg.

Your master is a kind teenager who lives in the mansion alone, but is a bit of a train otaku. He is also a cursed werewolf. With amnesia.

Somewhere between doing the laundry and preparing lunch, the master is kidnapped by evil ninjas. They escape through the basement of the mansion, which contains a portal to the Netherworld. It’s up to you to get him back before dinnertime.

All in a day’s work for a maid!

Maid is available in both print and PDF ($26 and $8 respectively) directly from the Maid website.

Hat Tip: The fine folks at the OgreCave!