Congratulations to our friends over at the Pulp Gamer Network on winning a third Parsec Award at the recently completed Dragon*Con in Atlanta. This time, Pulp Gamer took home the “Best Gaming Podcast” trophy for The Game Kennel, a show in which hosts Don Dehm, Jeremiah Lynch, and Derek Rex take the time to focus on a single game, what makes it stand out, and who is most likely to enjoy it. Other shows on the Pulp Gamer Network include Out of Character, a kind-of free wheeling discussion on games, the games industry, and game communities; Inside Track, behind-the-scenes interviews with game industry personalities and professionals; and Family Game Night, ideas for bringing the family together around the table to get the most out of games. Pulp Gamer puts out a very professional and highly entertaining series of shows—perfect gamer radio in the internet age.