A Fist Full of Coins is a board “game” intended specifically for children with learning disabilities, language problems, and the like.

While the site makes some extravagant claims (e.g. the URL is “nomorelearningdisorders.com”), the game seems straightforward enough. It may not necessarily qualify as a game according to everyone’s definition: Each turn, you flip a card, follow the instructions, and gain coins based on how difficult the instructions are considered to be.

For example (source):

  1. Level 1: Put the blue bird in front of the red heart box.
  2. Level 2: Put the yellow square box behind the green oval box and a blue butterfly in front of the oval box.
  3. Level 3: Put the orange diamond between the circle box and the heart box. Then put a green clover under the circle box and turn the heart box over and put the white star on top of it.
  4. Level 4: Turn the oval box over and put it on top of the button and the flower. Then put the car on top of the oval box and a butterfly behind the oval box and the triangle in front of the oval box.