Now you’ve got an even bigger opportunity to “play like you’ve got a pair.”  Privateer Press, the company that takes great pride in its hardcore miniature games has created a new event that encourages stores to allow players to have it out once and for all and celebrate the release of the newest expansion for the game, Warmachine: Legends.  In the Legacies events, a one day tournament is held at participating stores, with three titles being awarded:

  • Legendary Champion – most victory points for the day
  • Legendary Strategist – most flags captured
  • Legendary Assassin – most victory points from killing characters and solos

The event takes place over the course of one day for an 8 hour period consisting of 4-6 rounds.  Players should bring 750 points of their favorite Warmachine faction.  Rules, maps and retailer information can be found at the Legacies event website.