Longview, TX: Man shoots 16 year old over losses in a dice game. (source)

Ulhasnagar, India: One man kills another in dispute over paying up after a card game. (source)

Wyoming, DE: Policeman robs fellow poker players at gunpoint. (source)

Lumberton, NC: One man stabs another to death over a card game. (source)

Santa Fe, NM: Woman punched, kicked, and stabbed her husband with a box cutter over a card game. (source)

Lakeland, FL: Two men shot at a dominoes game. (source)

Baton Rouge, LA: One man arrested for shooting someone in an argument over a dice game. (source)

Portsmouth, NH: Police called due to loud shouting at a Scattergories game. (source)

Champaign, IL: One man robs another at gunpoint at a dice game. (source)

Streamwood, IL: Woman pleads guilty to DUI after crashing car after a night of drinking while board gaming. (source)

Boro Park, NY: Three men posed as cops and rob an illegal card game. (source)

Nashville, TN: Prisoners attempt to sneak guns into prison inside of board games shipped to them. (source)