Demonstrating Dungeons & Dragons ability to influence music—all genres at the same time—is a song on the band Split Lip Rayfield’s latest album, “I’ll Be Around.” You see, the group has been described as “post-punk progressive bluegrass,” and the subject track, “The High Price of Necromancy,” is a heavy-metal song. Explain that, you say! I can’t. This is a game blog, after all, not a music blog. But the band does explain the link to RPGs:

That’s one in a series of tunes that have been informed by my youthful indulgence in role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy novels and stuff like that. It’s really kind of an argument about how it’s not worth it to pursue necromancy, because you don’t end up being very powerful and there are a lot of bad side effects cosmetically…

It’s different than necrophilia, although they’re not mutually exclusive. Necromancers are probably into that because they’re lonely – I assume. A necromancer is someone who dabbles in raising the dead, animating dead tissue, skeletons and zombies and that sort of thing, and maybe the occasional curse. They’re usually a kind of minor magical force.