FoxMind Games has a number of new items available:

Abalone: Hardly a new game, must be new to Foxmind’s line of products.

Jungle Speed: Everyone flips cards, and, if two cards match, you have to be the first to grab the stick.

Meta-Form: Inductive and deductive logic puzzles.

Six: Lay tiles, be the first to form one of three shapes.

Oops: A Rush-hour like puzzle game of finding the right sequence of moves.

Zoologic: Another “make the right sequence of moves” puzzle game.

Architecto: Puzzle game of forming shapes.

Equilibrio: Ditto.

Kippit: Place cubes on the seesaw, trying to get rid of your pieces.

Shokoba: Match numbers to win the jewels on the table.

Memorico: Four games included, I don’t have any details.