As we mentioned earlier, the extravaganza known as the Essen Game Far is underway.  In keeping with the theme of boatd game induced mania, we thought you might be interested in some of the acoutrements available at Essen for the holy grail that is Agricola.

First up in our list is a great little bonus that all of us can have.  The “Through the Seasons” expansion is a small giveaway printed on a double-sided postcard.  Fortunately, its a fairly simple expansion and you can print your own copy thanks to the nice, hi-resolution image of the expansion on Board Game Geek!

But maybe you’re still into improving the components of the original game – let’s face it, for such a great game, the components were sorta lackluster.  Well, maybe wheat and pumpkin (vegetable) meeples are just what you need to make the game complete.  These are a little hard to print out, so the kind folks at Funagain Games have obtained some leftovers and has started taking preorders ($11.99) (and they’ve got Animeeples too!)!

Last, but not least, we have the rarest homage to board gaming perfection – Agri-Cola.  That’s right, there’s now a soft drink made to simultaneously mock the infamous mispronounciation while simultaneously celebrating all that is geeky about this year’s hit game.  This one is definitely harder to get hold of, but if you’re lucky, you can snag a bottle from eBay.