Suicide Bomber the card game (yes, it’s available on Amazon) from Bucephalus Games (an appropriate name for mindless male testosterone) carries on the tradition of games about serial killers but makes it contemporary, thus even less palatable.

The VP of sales defends the game:

Players are not bombers–the cards are. I think that this speaks to the idea that anyone can be a terrorist. All too often we pigeonhole people and miss the seed of hate that creeps into “safe” areas of life. Suicide Bomber reminds me of this–while being fun. Educational games are hard to create. You want something that teens will want to play, and that will educate them. Something irreverent and edgy that teaches some lessons is perfect. I think that Suicide Bomber is an example of such a product.

While another point of view in an earlier thread reads:

As a former U.S. Marine and current employee of the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (Veteran’s Health Admiistration) that services our men and women in uniform, I found myself completely repulsed by re topic of your game. There is dark humor – and then there is no humor. This game is absolutely abhorrent. I wonder if you’d like to demo it in the lobby of our hospital for U.S. veterans? Perhaps you could enlighten our greeter (no left arm, missing right thumb, completely reconstructed skull as a result of the hilariously funny topic of your game), as to where the humor might lie? Perhaps you could demo it for some if the refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan? I’m sure they would find the game a laugh riot! Oh, nothing helps you get over a dead child like a good “darkly funny” game of killing innocents.