Its not too late to get some people together and throw down with some horrifically good gaming! To make sure you don’t have any excuse for having a Halloween night board game blow out, we’ve taken the liberty of listing out some of the best spooky games you can pick up at your FLGS (no out of print stuff here!)!

I don’t care who you are, nothing says good gaming like a horde of undead out to slaughter every human they can get their bloody paws on.  Zombies is a board game where players are humans attempting to attack and escape from a horde of zombies unleashed upon their unsuspecting town/mall/city/high school.  The action is fairly light and never takes itself too seriously.  The game itself retails for about $30 US and has more expansions than you can shake a limb at.

Mall of Horror is an unappreciated voting game where players are trapped in a zombie-infested mall.  What are they voting on you ask?  Who gets thrown to the zombies of course!  Each player controls a set of characters who scurry about the mall looking for defense and safety while the zombies gather around, looking to overwhelm the players through sheer numbers.  This is a great little game that really shines with five players and is definitely worth the retail price of $50 US.

Last Night on Earth (the zombie game) sees players as the inhabitants of a small US town that has been overrun with zombies (see a pattern here?).  The majority of the players simply have to survive until daylight (or slaughter enough zombies to fulfill the scenario’s conditions) to win the game.  Unfortunately, one of the players is controlling the zombies and he’s got a host of dirty tricks at his disposal.  This is a great new game that really creates some good tension and always feels close.  The artwork is one of a kind and really sells the game which retails for about $50 US.

If you’ve never played Werewolf, chances are, you don’t have many friends.  Werewolf is one of the original party games where players take on the role of a small village that is under assault by werewolves!  The game requires one player to act as the narrator who will be controlling the rising and setting of the sun and making sure no one cheats!  Some number of players take on the role of werewolf, selecting a villager to kill at night secretly while everyone else sleeps.  When daylight comes, the dead player is revealed and all of the living players decide on a player to accuse as a werewolf (and then put them to the pitchfork!).  There are many variants of the game and many published editions, but the Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is my favorite at $12 US (by Asmodee).

No Halloween list would be complete without Arkham Horror.  In this cooperative game, the players take on the role of various investigators, seeking to stop an elder god from breaking into our reality.  This game is one of the few cooperative games that is consistently hard to beat (my personal record for losing is 30 minutes – with 15 minutes taken by rules explanation…).  Very tense and with a ton of expansions that ratchet up the difficulty even further, this is a must have for any collection at $50 US.

And last but not least, we have the best Halloween game of all, Agricola!  What’s that?  Agricola isn’t a horror game?  But…but…its got pumpkins!  And its got starvation – that’s pretty scary!  Ok…maybe Agricola isn’t a horror game, but come on, are you really going to pass up another chance to play it?  I didn’t think so.

Thanks for sticking with us through our recommendations for your Halloween gaming this year.  After you’ve recovered from your sugar-induced coma, drop us a line in the comments and let us know which games you pulled out this Halloween!