Chicago, IL: Man returns from card game and is shot. He says he knows who killed him, but dies before he can say who it is. (source)

Queens, NY: Man found shot dead in his car believe to have been killed for his dominoes winnings. (source)

Edneyville, NC: Man stabbed in fight over a card game. (source)

Casal di Principe, Italy: One man at a card game shot 18 times in a mafia execution, part of a mafia civil war. (source)

Luoyang, China: Not really a criminal incident, but … three victims of a multi-car crash (three killed, dozens injured) sit and play cards while waiting for police to arrive. (source)

San Diego, CA: Woman stabs mother to death during a card game. (source)

Mdantasane, South Africa: Four kids beaten up by police who caught them playing dice. (source)

Phomolong, South Africa: Man shot to death by police while playing dice game. (source)

Note: I think we should add “don’t play dice games in public in South Africa” to our previous rule “don’t play dominoes in public in Jamaica”.

Athens, GA: Passerby shot in foot when passing by an argument over a craps game. (source)

NYC, NY: 13 year old boy shot dead while chatting with friends playing dice. (source)

Covington, GA: Four guys shot and robbed at a dice game. The shooter was known to the men, and didn’t actually get a lot of money for his trouble. (source)